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It’s not just a high-quality model, it’s a complete production solution!
Following years of research into creating 3D flora models, 3dmk is proud to introduce Treeline – the new benchmark for photo-realistic digital plants & trees.  Our absolute attention to detail results in models that not only look far better than any other, but are truer to species form. Treeline flora models are based on accurate tree and plant taxonomy, which helps deliver the most authentic results.
Drawing on over 10 years of professional Archviz experience, all Treeline models are designed to perform at the highest level & under the heaviest of production environments.

Treeline is committed to 3D models of the highest quality, versatility and flexibility.
When purchasing our GrowFX models, you will be able to change any part of the model to suit your specific needs. Models are parametrically generated and therefore have the ultimate flexibility of a system that you have complete control over. Most species have approx 4-5 unique  models covering different ages, forms & colours so that you have a complete production solution.

3dmk – Treeline models are created using the award winning software GrowFX from Exlevel.
As GrowFX models are para-metrically  generated, you have easy access to change or modify all parts of the model. Everyone’s production needs are different and with GrowFX you can change the model to suit your specific needs, over & over again. We realize that not everyone has access to GrowFX so we also sell an FBX version for most of our models although they are a static mesh & not parametric. The 3dsMax mesh version is also a static mesh.
A valid license for GrowFX is needed to use our Parametric GrowFX models

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