Treeline is committed to 3D models of the highest quality, versatility and flexibility.

The Treeline team draws on ten years of professional Archviz experience & twenty years of real world horticulture experience. We simply love flora and nature is our chief inspiration.

Using the best available tools/software

Since the early days of 3D flora programs, we have constantly tested available software & techniques. It became evident that GrowFX was way ahead of its competitors in all aspects. GrowFX’s tight integration with 3ds Max/Vray makes it the best option for Archviz and FX producers.
The development of GrowFX has been astoundingly fast with new features constantly being developed, allowing for even higher quality models & workflow improvements.  GrowFX is certainly a program that continues to amaze us with each new update and has a very bright future.

We understand that not every artist has time to master GrowFX and that’s why Treeline was born.
We provide you with a full production solution for flora models. Our models have the ultimate flexibility when you purchase the GrowFX version as ALL parts of the model can be adjusted to your project/scene requirements. Only a very basic understanding of GrowFX is needed to adjust most things such as tree height, branch length, branch/leaf density, leaf colour [vertex colours]. It is also very easy to setup the model to interact with the scene by simply adding a reaction modifier. Simply add a reaction modifier and choose which object you want it to interact with. Make your model grow towards or away from things, make your model climb over things like ivy. The scene interaction features in GrowFX really open up a world of possibilities.

Be sure to check out our tutorials page for GrowFX tips & tricks about how to get the most out of your new Treeline models.

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