Araucaria cunninghamii - Hoop Pine - 2D

Araucaria cunninghamii – Hoop Pine – 2D

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This product contains 20 unique images with 5 different forms ranging from Juvenile to mature. The different ages and forms will allow you to cover all stages of growth making it a complete production solution.

Images are in .PNG format on a transparent layer and produced/rendered from a 3D model which gives them a perfect separation from the background. You will always get a perfect and seamless composite with these images.

Software required for the different options –
Any program that can open a .PNG file

Botanical Notes – A tall pine tree endemic to dry rainforests of New South Wales & Queensland [Australia]. The scientific name honours the botanist and explorer Allan Cunningham, who collected the first specimens in the 1820’s.

The trees can live up to 450 years and grow to a height of 60 metres. The wood is a high quality timber that is particularly important to the plywood industry and also used for furniture, veneer, joinery, panelling, particle board, flooring and boats.

Australian Aborigines used the resin as glue/cement.

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