Grevillia 'Grassfire' [Hybrid- tetragonoloba X laurifolia]

Grevillia ‘Grassfire’ [Hybrid- tetragonoloba X laurifolia]

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This product contains 3 unique models with forms ranging from ground-covers to sloped embankments. They are set-up to interact within the 3d scene such as growing over walls & garden beds. The interactivity of this model will allow you to cover all uses of this species, making it a complete production solution.

The Flowers use a combination of geometry & alpha maps.

Leaves are geometry with small details in the Alpha maps, which  can be turned off if the model is not close to the camera as the underlying geometry is close to the final alpha shape.

This model uses Vertex colours, so make sure your render engine supports vertex colours.

Polygons per model [Approximate] – Polygon count depends entirely on the amount of vine that is grown in your scene. [Currently 350,000]

Software required for the different options –
Mesh –  [Not Available]
FBX –  [Not Available]
GrowFX – GrowFX & 3ds max 2010 or higher

The materials are setup for Vray Render engine.

Botany Notes – Grevillea Grassfire: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a hybrid whose parents are said to be Grevillea tetragonoloba and Grevillea laurifolia. The former is a native of Western Australia and the latter comes from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. The only way these two species were able to have a liaison was if they were cultivated in close proximity. In fact Grevillea Grassfire was released by Don Burke, a well-known Sydney TV horticulturalist. The two species were probably grown in his garden.

Grevillea Grassfire is a dense, spreading ground cover that may reach three metres across.

The leaves are bright green, shiny, deeply lobed and up to 80 millimetres long. The toothbrush-shaped flower clusters are red, carried terminally and contrast with the foliage. The main flowering period is spring and perhaps sporadically at other times.

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Mesh (FBX), GrowFX (3ds Max 2010 or higher)